Homemade 1000W Wind Turbine

The 1000 Watt flux wind turbine was created as part of an off grid power project. This wind turbine uses a permanent magnet alternator to generate 3 phases to charge the battery bank. This wind turbine works spinning 2 magnet discs on both sides of the coils to generate electricity. The act of moving magnets of opposite pols past a copper coil will generate an electrical current. The first step will be to build the magnet disk. Using a piece of wood and a jig saw cut out slots equally spaced around the circle for your magnets, it is important to note when laying out the magnets be sure to adjust the polarity (N S N S N .. ect) For this turbine we used 24 magnets in total, 12 for each disc.

Home made Wind Turbine

Once you have your template the next step is to lay the magnets in place on top of a smooth surface, use plastic or carboard to build jacket around the circle of magnets. Note: you will want to build two of these disk, one for each side of the coil. For magnets you need to use either neodymium or rate earth magnets.

Magnets placed into our wooden template

Once this frame is in place remove the wood template place a small cylindrical object the center magnets (a paper cup worked in this case!). Pour fiberglass resin into the mold and let dry. This will create a very solid disk to house our rotating magnets.

Pouring fiberglass resin around our magnets

Now that we have our magnet disks hardening its time to build the coils! When building the coils, its a good idea to use 2 strands of wire per coil. A single strand would produce approximately half the out put giving you a 500W wind turbine, so fro maximum output double it up! Now you need to create 9 coils using 14 gauge coper wire. The coils are wired in a rectifying diode pattern in order♠ to let the electrons flow one way. The number of turns of wire will depend on your desire output voltage.
Voltage to turn ratio is as follows 12v – 35 turns, 24v – 75 turns, 48v – 144 turns ect.

Nine dual wire copper coils
Using a sheet of wood out a circle the approximate size of your magnet disc, affix the cutout onto another board to giver your self a “mold” to resin in your copper strands. Be sure to place a smaller circle in the center of the mold for your future shaft to go through. Since we have 9 coils we are creating a 3 phase pattern, every third coil (the corresponding matching tape) is wired together in series. Lay the wires in a 2 phase wye pattern, lay on some fiberglass matting and apply fiberglass resin.

Resin your copper coils

Next we need to build the hub for all this to to be mounted to, The hub is created by using two pipes and some Harley Davidson wheel bearings. The smaller pipe is placed inside of the larger pipe secured by the wheel bearings.

Wind turbine bearing assembly
The video below is an overview of the wind turbine in this tutorial by Steve Spence. So be sure to check it out, you also get a sneak peak of his recycled off grid home.

The blades were built out of 2 x 6 pine boards cut at a 10 degree angle and sanded to a smooth air foils finish. This design was created by Steve Spence, for more information on this project be sure to check out http://www.green-trust.org

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  1. Deepak Gurung says:

    dear sir can you give me detail about homemade wind turbine with draw

  2. Deepak Gurung says:

    it’s too desire and cursity to make myself for the sufficient electricity on home
    can you help me
    sand me details otherwise with photo
    have a nice day

  3. behram says:

    dear sir im from afghanstan i want to make a wind tubin how be come to make wind tubin thanks

  4. hairy says:

    in your placement of your magnets u used a cup to cover a center magnet a round one i take u have no mention or picture of this—-(Once this frame is in place remove the wood template place a small cylindrical object the center magnets (a paper cup worked in this case!). Pour fiberglass resin into the mold and let dry. This will create a very solid disk to house our rotating magnets.

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  6. wind turbine says:

    Good DIY work. You should choose the best bearings and maganetic. As these two are very important for a small wind turbine.

  7. Sid says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am going to build DC motor(generator) for wind turbine but not sure to make. so can you give me any suggestion about how many turns and which gauge copper wire to produce how many voltage?
    I am waiting for your replay.
    Thank You.

  8. Jean Richmond says:

    i home school my 13 year old. I would love to let him build a wind generator. Can you e-mail me the directions he can understand. thanks

  9. govardhana says:

    hi dear sir
    i want to make one own wind turbine so i required to maggnet size details, rotor RPM detail coil dia detail and it’s output voltage is constant or varriable. i want know so pls send me sir.

  10. ray says:

    want to ask what is the size of the magnet use in the 1000W? Is also ok to send the design details or drawing that I can follow to build this one. Thanks

  11. pranay nagrath says:

    Hello Sir
    M an engineering Student From Manipal Institute of technology(MIT)
    I was planning on setting up a 700watts power plant within my college premises.
    we have laid down the basic approach but are not very sure about it.
    it would be really great and humble of you if you could help us out in any way.
    Thanking you

  12. Carmela says:


    My Dad has been diligently working on making his own power similar to a project you have on your website:
    Homemade 1000W Wind Turbine

    He currently gets 25 – 30 volts spinning by hand however his amps are very low (.5). He saw on your website that you used rare earth magnets and he’s been using ceramic magnets that he purchased at Lowe’s. Could this be the reason for the low amps?

    He did some research and found rare earth magnets online but wasn’t sure which size you used. The site online mentioned N42, N50, N52 and N53. What do those numbers mean and would you please let us know which ones you used?

    Thank you so much. This really means a lot to my Dad. He’s 75 years old and is so very determined to finish this project.


  13. john says:

    Hey Steve, this is awesome but how about some more details, for example the size of magnets, size of metal discs and coil winding wiring diagram ( how to wire them to star/delta)

  14. RONEY says:

    dear sir,
    i want to make one own wind turbine.pls send me details otherwise with photo.bcz i will subit this project in my universty. pls sir help me.

  15. vairamani says:

    very use full for studends

  16. Paul Mason says:

    Can you send any additional info on this? I live in the widy deserts of CA.

  17. Andrew Anderson says:

    Particularly revealing many thanks, I do believe your current subscribers may possibly want a great deal more information such as this keep up the good effort.

  18. Thiyagarajan says:

    Hi Green supporter,

    I’m one kind of you, and i need how long it will generate electricity without stopping, if possible can you provide complete project details. Since helping the green environment was always helpful.

  19. shelton lafour says:

    hi sir good job so far how make in water proof size for winding how many turns let me know the cost also for sme good plans thanks shelton

  20. shelton lafour says:

    see no20 above

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